Programme Design, Monitoring and Evaluation

Project cycle management

Project cycle management shapes the development world of projects and programmes in which I have worked in nearly all functions a specialist can be employed for. I have designed programmes and feasibility studies, monitoring concepts, evaluations and reviews as well as individual business concepts for private clients.

Unlike some specialists, however I have not concentrated only on programme design, studies, evaluation and reviews but have always been involved in the concrete implementation of development programmes and projects as individual expert, team member, team leader backstopper and programme coordinator, so I do know how much project reality differs from the ideas and promises made in the beginning or during reviews of a project.

Monitoring and evaluation is a core element of programme management, yet technical or biodiversity monitoring, although indispensable and essential, often blur the view for success factors or stumbling blocks in the implementation of a programme.

I have written scoping and fact finding reports as well as I have adapted proposals to shape project implementation into a more promising direction. As backstopper and management consultant I have also trained and supervised procurement specialists in the selection of best offers for goods and services purchased in development programmes. My methodological portfolio contains, i.a.:

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